• May 18th Fri, 9:30 AM | Konvikt

    Perspectives of Theatre Studies 2018


    A conference organized by the Theatre Research Society in cooperation with the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University and the Flora Theatre Festival.
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  • May 18th Fri, 10:00 AM | Divadlo na cucky

    Book Me

    An up-to-date selection of professional literature focused on theatre, dance in a festival event echoing the unique international exhibition of works of leading European publishing houses.
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  • May 18th Fri, 11:30 AM | Divadlo na cucky

    Discussion about the EYOLF production

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  • May 18th Fri, 12:30 PM | Divadlo na cucky

    Discussion about THE THIEF'S JOURNAL production

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  • May 18th Fri, 2:00 PM | Konvikt – Divadlo K3

    A SOLO FOR MR. FOLK Milan Herich

    Creative fusion by the nonconformist founder of the Les Slovaks Dance Collective and a Venezuelan globetrotter recasts the Slovak folk culture into a contemporary dance form which communicates with pop culture, surrealism and expressionism. Choreography: Milan Herich, directed by: David Zambrano. The production is followed by a discussion.

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  • May 18th Fri, 4:30 PM | S-klub

    Genet – Bridel – König – Dohnal THE THIEF'S JOURNAL Masopust theatre company

    Colourful collage of various layers of the human character. A fascinating harmony of words and music. The conflict of spirituality with animality in a synthetic collective production crowned with the acting and music virtuosity of Miloslav König – the Actor of 2017 (Czech Theatre Critics' Award and Theatre Newspaper award). Directed by: Jan Nebeský

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  • May 18th Fri, 7:00 PM | Moravské divadlo

    Henrik Ibsen NORA (A Doll's House) Divadlo pod Palmovkou Prague

    Enchanting Tereza Dočkalová (Thalia Award) in a highly contemporary and sober adaptation of the most renowned heroine of “the father of modern drama”. A heavy blow to one's head against the wall of contemporary conventions in the original interpretation and eloquent artistic gesture of director Jan Nebeský. 
    The production is followed by a discussion.

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  • May 18th Fri, 10:45 PM | Konvikt – šapitó

    Sine Ray

    Fresh jazztronica performed by a trio from Bratislava. Complex rhythms, improvisation and decomposition of techno-jazz structures in a static pace of 110 BPM.
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  • May 18th Fri, 11:50 PM | Konvikt – šapitó

    Tasun a Hans

    The best Slovak selectors and residents of the legendary club Nu Spirit in Bratislava with their selection of good quality house and disco.
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