May 17th Fri, 4:30 PM - 5:10 PM | S-klub


    Lee Kyung-eun TWO Lee K. Dance

    PROGRAMME CHANGE caused by technical and logistic issues. The tickets purchased for the scheduled Tail Language production remain valid. In case you want to return the tickets, please do so at the ticket box of the Moravské divadlo Olomouc until 6 pm on WED 15 May 2019. In case you wish to return the tickets in person to this date and you cannot do so, please contact email: or phone number: +420 725 738 607.

    art director and choreographer Lee Kyung-eun
    composer Jimmy Sert
    dramaturge Ahn Kyung-mo
    lighting director Kang Young-ku
    photographer Ok Sang-hoon
    coproduction Seoul Section of CID-UNESCO International Dance Council

    Kwon Lyon-eun, Kim Jinseon, Kim Sun-ju, Koo Bonjun, Lim Jae-hong

    Two is a philosophical contemplation of choreographer Lee Kyung-eun about the magic of „two“, a couple in which one changes into the other. The border between them is blurred, we cannot say where I end and You start. But we can see the fascinating process of transformation including decline and rebirth.
    The well-established Korean choreographer Lee Kyung-eun plays with the elemental principles of performers’ behaviour such as their breath or walk and creates simple geometrical shapes into compositions. The final production entitled Two bears elements of subtle introspection into human soul and at the same time attacks the audience with a strong visual aspect and pulsating sounds of contemporary Korean music. With fragile beginning, the performance transforms into a stirring ecstatic show.

    “A search of self with tightly knit compositions…with a neat formation of dancers the flow of the performance maintained clarity. The final scene reminiscent of an exhilarating festival, symbolizes the orgasmic ecstasy one can feel when meeting the other half.”

    “A production where Lee K. Dance's mature choreographic skills stand out.”


    Lee Kyung-eun studied Dance at Hanyang University and Kyonggi University where she currently works as a lecturer. She received the New Artist award for her first choreographic piece Wavering Heart in 1996. Her artistic style is explosive in energy as well as delicate; innocent yet provocative. Her dance is a play of breath and pace. She continuously presents her pieces in Korea and abroad, she was invited to France Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in 2016 and in 2017, her work Mind Goblin was performed at the Edinburg Fringe Festival at Dance Base receiving much praise. She also worked as an assistant choreographer for 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics opening and closing ceremony. She is acknowledged by critics and the public for her artistic quality and popular success in Korea as well as abroad. Lee Kyung-eun is the artistic director of Lee K. Dance founded in 2002. Its main philosophy in arts is to “communicate with the public with true movement”.