May 17th Fri, 8:00 PM - 8:55 PM | Moravské divadlo


    Kim Sung-hoon GREEN EYE Kim Sung-Hoon Dance Project

    Artistically powerful images with elaborated dance language, inspired by Shakespeare’s drama Othello, exploring the dark sides of the human being. A production by one of the most distinctive choreographers of the young generation of Korean artists, who worked with the renowned Akram Khan Company, for example also at the London Olympic Games opening ceremony.
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    choreography Kim Sung-hoon
    light Kim Jung-wha
    stage direction Lee Joo-hyun

    Lim Jong-kyung, Jung Log-yee, Sohn Dae-min, Lee Joo-hee, Ryu Jin-wook, Lee Ji-yoon, Goh Dong-hoon, Lee Hong

    Green Eye is a spectacular production with the artistic signature of the renowned Korean choreographer Kim Sung-hoon, inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello. It studies various forms of ugliness of human nature which can be seen in social situations and human relations. It is based on elements of “dance theatre”, using the form of anthology, where each movement becomes an organic variation on the theme of the dark core of a human being. The changing set design, visual stimuli from the objects filling the stage, the alteration of drama and the dance action of the dancer expressing human nature, evokes in the audience the feeling of meeting their true self that they might have always wanted to avoid…


    “From the very beginning – eight black tables and eight dancers dressed in black – there is a strong visual impact. The performers’ gestures, sounds resembling recitation and other audio effects, everything has a meaning here. The production is enhanced by the stage design in the form of a painting on stage with ink (…) The movements and objects connected with everyday life form wild images, dancers’ solos under the chandeliers hanging above them as well as simple movements of the dancers, including two naked ones, overflow the stage with their energy.” 
    Kim Sung-hoon is one of the most popular dancers and most renowned choreographers in South Korea. He studied Dance Performance at the Korea National University of Art in Seoul where he returned as a teacher after years of gaining experience and recognition. He became a member of the Laboratory Dance Company (LDP) in Seoul in 2004 and started working there on his own choreography projects. He joined the Akram Khan Company in 2009 and performed in the productions: bahok (2009), Vertical Road (2011), iTMOi (2013) and Kaash (2014) and also participated in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
    Kim Sung-hoon has been praised for his performing art as well as his choreography, his performance We Don’t believe in Hero and Black Comedy toured all around the world. He works on an ongoing basis with the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company. As the youngest choreographer, he was granted the opportunity to present his original performance Position of Body at the La Biennale Di Venezia festival in Venice 2007.