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    Jakub Vašíček – Johana Vavřínová – Dominik Linka THE SECRET DIARY OF SMOLÍČEK PÉ Studio DAMÚZA

    Who would enjoy celebrating their birthday alone? And Jeskyňky are such great dancers… A fairy-tale production for children from 6 years of age. 
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    directed by Jakub Vašíček
    stage design Kamil Bělohlávek, Tereza Vašíčková

    Johana Vavřínová, Dominik Linka, Jakub Vašíček / Jakub Skála

    premiere 18 January 2013

    A puppet fairy-tale story with live music for children from 6 years of age and their parents.

    The world is a phonograph record and the question is which track the needle hits. We all know this: listening to one’s parents going on and on is sometimes hard. Especially if your dad is a deer. And also rather old-fashioned and unable to prepare a proper party with dancing and a cake. Who would enjoy celebrating their birthday alone? And Jeskyňky are such great dancers…


    “The production resembles an innovative, likable remix of the song about the grazing golden antlers. The entire production is like an actual party ending in a lesson. (…) A modern, new, witty and attention-grabbing way to do theatre for children. And not only for them.”

    Studio DAMÚZA is as a production platform supporting original theatre-makers, musicians and visual artists. In cooperation with the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU Academy and their graduates, they have been creating small shows for children for a number of years which are known to be well-prepared, minimal in cast, original in their approach to puppets as well as the visual side of the productions and finally emphasising the message of the powerful story.
    The fairy-tale story about Smolíček has been successfully performed already since 2013, when the then students of DAMU Academy met. Today they are creators of the new generation of Divadlo DRAK in Hradec Králové: Johana Vavřínová (Vaňousová), Dominik Linka and Jakub Vašíček (in-house director of this legendary puppet theatre scene since 2014).