May 13th Sun, 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM | Dům u parku


    Petra Tejnorová – Jaro Viňarský YOU ARE HERE

    An original collective production about the perception of reality and the present, about the relationship between the body and the mind. About the moment of a mutual encounter and the joy of play. About looking. The Audience award at Czech Dance Platform 2017. Directed by: Petra Tejnorová.
    The production is followed by a discussion.

    directed by Petra Tejnorová

    concept Petra Tejnorová, Jaro Viňarský, Tereza Ondrová, Nathan Jardin
    stage design Adriana Černá
    sound design Dominik Žižka
    light design Tomáš Morávek
    production Michal Somoš
    cooperation Alice Koubová, Matthew Rogers, Jaromír Skácel

    premiere 26 and 27 September 2016

    performing Nathan Jardin, Tereza Ondrová, Jaro Viňarský

    You are here is a performance that rules over time and space and with great courage pulls down the walls between the audience and the performers.
    Marta Falvey Sovová, Taneční aktuality, 5 October 2016

    Petra Tejnorová (1984), an untiring searcher for new methods and fusions and a well-known figure in the alternative theatre world, finished her studies in directing in 2009 at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre with her production of Shakespeare's tragedy Titus Andronicus (The Flight of a Fly). She currently works there as a teacher and in 2016 successfully defended her dissertation there. Her work abroad culminated in two international projects, a two part theatre road movie Memory of Landscape – Landscape of Memory and a production entitled Personal Anamnesis. Petra Tejnorová was nominated for the Alfred Radok Award in the talent category and received the Josef Hlávka awardin 2009. She cooperated with Alfa Theatre in Plzeň (2008: Bártndžus, 2010: Now 55 31 13 Me), with Dejvické divadlo (2010: Modrovous/Suovordom), VerTeDance (2011: What Is the Weight of Your Desire? – Dance Production of the Year; 2017: Nothing sad; Let's Dance), and with Archa Theatre (2012: LIFEshow) with ALT@RT (2013: Edge; 2015: Hit by a Flower) and with 11:55 ensemble (2013: John Sinclair: Trash Art On Air; 2016: Pride and Prejudice; 2018: Pravda o 17. 11.). The director experiments with physical and documentary theatre, researches the various possibilities in the performer versus audience relationship. She focuses on collective creation in the authorial projects, devising methods and perception of theatre production as a unique event. She also studies the genre of live cinema – a combination of theatre and film, for example, in a story based on real events called NICK (2015, Jatka 78) or the mystery detective story Love and Information (2016, New scene of the National Theatre) created by the method of found-footage, montage of a story based on film fragments.

    Jaro Viňarský (b. 1978), an independent dancer and choreographer, studied ballet choreography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and dance choreography at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He won 2nd place at the International Choreography Award of Jarmila Jeřábková in Prague in 2001 for his choreography debut, a solo production Sorton. He also won this award in 2003 for his solo production Tea Never Brewed. He was also awarded the „the best new emerging dance artist“ title in Sazka Awards for his dance solo Last Step Before (2004). As a dancer he has performed in various international projects in New York, Brussels and Vietnam where he met a number of renowned choreographers, such as Karine Ponties, Julyen Hamilton, Simone Sandroni and Claude Brumachone. For his performance in the first part of the trilogy The Painted Bird by the choreographer Pavol Zuštiak entitled Bastard he won the Outstanding Performer category at the prestigious Bessies New York Dance And Performing Arts Award in 2013, which is the so-called “dance Oscar”. He founded the civic association called SKOK! in 2011 which focuses on the development of contemporary dance and physical theatre in Slovakia and where he organizes dance workshops. The production You Are Here is another in the line of creative co-operations with Petra Tejnorová. He previously worked with her and the students of DAMU Academy on My Funny Games (2011) and Erection of the Heart (2014). They have both already showcased their work at the Flora Theatre Festival.