May 10th Thu, 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM | Konvikt – parkán


    Nylon Jail

    A natural connection of raw guitars and a charismatic voice with glimmers of electronics.
    First concert production of the resurrected Olomouc band after a three year hiatus!

    Nylon Jail is a band from Olomouc which managed to stir up the domestic music scene several years ago and soon vanished below the surface once again for quite some time. They have both raw guitars and the sound of earthly country, as well as electronic soundscapes and colourful samples creating a thrilling fusion. Together with their authentic energy, this connection originated and managed to impress several music publicists (the Vinyla award in the Newcomer of the Year category, nomination for the Anděl Award in their genre) but also a broader audience. The band ceased to exist, however, soon after. After a long hibernation, during which each of the members followed their own path, the key duo of the band – Roman Vičík and Jiří Jirák – managed to bring it back to life and are now with full force trying to make their mark with their video singles, which they post monthly on their youtube channel. They are also hitting the concert stages with the band once again. The distance and gained experience changed the band in terms of members as well as the music. The new songs, which will be part of the prepared album Irreversible Changes, are more straight forward and raw with hints of psychedelic rock, hypnotic pop and jazz-flavoured electronics.


    drums Klára Bohmová
    guitar Tomáš Procházka
    bass Filip Lorenc
    guitar Roman Vičík
    vocals Jiří Jirák

    Nylon Jail will be accompanied by two allied bands at the concert. A short acoustic set by Dirty Old Dogs from Olomouc will open the evening. Their music is a contrasting connection of wild energy and subtle melodic elements combining early blues, psychedelic rock and grunge. The end of the concert will belong to the Prague trio BlackSea and their rock sound with shamanic melodies, with references to dark blues and rock'n'roll.