May 15th Tue, 7:30 PM - 12:00 AM | Moravské divadlo


    Mária Rázusová-Martáková JÁNOŠÍK Divadlo Andreja Bagara Nitra

    A conceptual production dealing with key moral and political questions of the current times. Intellectual testimony about one national phenomenon and visually exquisite mosaic of powerful stage images. An artistically dense Slovak production of European merit directed by Rastislav Ballek.
    The production is followed by a discussion.

    directed by Rastislav Ballek

    costumes Katarína Holková
    dramaturgy Adam Gold
    stage design Juraj Gráfel
    music Marián Lejava
    music performed by Eva Pacovská
    choreography Stanislava Vlčeková

    premiere 28 April 2017

    Barbora Andrešičová, Branislav Matuščin, Marcel Ochránek, Roman Poláčik, Martin Šalacha, Marián Viskup

    Katarína Bielická g.a., Andrej Barčák g.a., Peter Antoš g.a., Alžbeta Alakšová g.a., Dominika Ďurčová g.a., Martin Fratrič, Nikola Jankovýchová g.a., Júlia Karová g.a., Andrea Klaučová g.a., Milena Majerová g.a., Danica Matušová g.a., Beáta Mészárosová g.a., Erik Michálek g.a., František Mikuš g.a., Eva Pacovská g.a., Veronika Šebeňová g.a., Miroslav Šufliarsky g.a., Lucia Šutková g.a., Radovan Tomeš g.a., Jozef Zábojník g.a.


    Ballek communicates with the audience through forceful stage images where the themes and ideas are not conveyed only by the actors' performance but by the rather rare symbiosis of all the production components. (…) The distinct emotional background of the piece is also provided by the 20-member choir and the engaging and atmospheric music of Marián Lejava including traditional folk music elements as well as chilly almost apocalyptic melodies.
    Karol Mišovic,, 3 May 2017

    Rastislav Ballek (1971) formed a creative tandem with the dramaturge Martin Kubran in a series of unconventional adaptations of forgotten Slovak texts already during his studies of directing at the University of Performing Arts. He continued in this line successfully even while working at Divadlo SNP Martin or at Mestské divadlo Žilina. Ballek vigorously, by means of authorial deconstruction, stages less known plays by world-famous authors or classics in new translations as well as new and contemporary plays. His interest in national themes and key personalities of Slovak history was confirmed by the prestigious award Cena DOSKY which he was granted for his monodrama Tiso (2005, Divadlo Aréna), for his original project about the life of the writer and priest Ján Hollý HOLLYROTH (2009) or for Klimáček's text Mojmír II. alebo Súmrak ríše (2015, both Slovak National Theatre). With the premire of Jánošík, he again opens up the issue of national and social values, cultural heritage and the (im)morality of the nation. A miniature painting of meanings providing atemporal overlaps dominate the very suggestive artistic thumb-print of the director. A modern theatre language, suggestive images and a non-violent, yet pressing moral appeal, are amongst the characteristic attributes of his pieces. Flora Theatre Festival hosted his production of Rosmersholm in 2015 with Robert Roth in the main role.

    Divadlo Andreja Bagara theatre from Nitra (DAB) ranks among the most acclaimed theatre scenes in Slovakia. The professional drama ensemble was formed in 1949 as the Nitra region theatre and has borne the name of the actor, director and teacher Andrej Bagar since 1979. The theatre has been located in one of the largest theatre buildings in Slovakia since 1992, providing ideal conditions for the creation of modern productions. It also includes more intimate space for experiments – Studio. The theatre is the traditional co-organizer of the international festival Divadelná Nitra. The repertoire of the DAB theatre includes world classics as well as modern dramas of the twentieth century or works by Slovak authors. Large-scale music-drama projects have been quite popular in this theatre. Variety in terms of themes and genre combines with the high technical demands and attractiveness of the staged productions. After the famous eras of at-home directors (Pavol Haspra, Karol Spišák, Jozef Bednárik), the theatre built its own particular artistic image after the revolution with the contribution of the Slovak theatre figures (Svetozár Sprušanský, Marian Pecko, Ľubomír Vajdička, Roman Polák) as well as foreign ones (J. A. Pitínský, Vladimír Morávek, Gintaras Varnas, Robert Alföldi). The audience of the Flora theatre festival was enchanted by Zuzana Kanócz as Portia Coughlan, adapted by Michal Vajdička, in 2008. Apart from this piece, DAB theatre also performed in Olomouc the productions Enemy of the People (2006) and King Lear (2009) directed by Ondrej Spišák and Rats by Roman Polák (2015).