May 18th Fri, 7:00 PM | Moravské divadlo


    Henrik Ibsen NORA (A Doll's House) Divadlo pod Palmovkou Prague

    Enchanting Tereza Dočkalová (Thalia Award) in a highly contemporary and sober adaptation of the most renowned heroine of “the father of modern drama”. A heavy blow to one's head against the wall of contemporary conventions in the original interpretation and eloquent artistic gesture of director Jan Nebeský. 
    The production is followed by a discussion.

    directed by Jan Nebeský

    translated by František Fröhlich
    stage design Jan Nebeský, Jana Preková
    costumes Jana Preková
    dramaturgy Daria Ullrichová
    music Miroslav Hloucal
    choreography Nataša Novotná

    premiere 16 December 2016

    characters and cast
    JUDr. Torvald Helmer Jan Teplý
    Nora, his wife Tereza Dočkalová
    MUDr. Henri Rank Jan Hušek
    Kristine Linde Kateřina Holánová
    JUDr. Nils Krogstad Radek Valenta
    Maid Hana Seidlová
    Musician Emil Viklický, Jakub Tökely, Miroslav Hlouchal


    Tereza Dočkalová was awarded the Thalia Award for outstanding stage performance for her role of Nora.

    The amazing Tereza Dočkalová aptly depicted Nora with perfect shifts between childish naivete, adult self-awareness and consuming irony. She flies over the stage as an elusive bird, makes innocent eyes at her husband Tornvald (Jan Teplý), strolls extravagantly and flirts with Doctor Rank (Jan Hušek), only to throw away all the masks in the end, leave barefoot and proudly meet complete insecurity.
    Marcela Magdová, Metro, 21 January 2017

    Divadlo pod PalmovkouPrague has a complex history going back to the nineteenth century. Over the years it changed its name and premises but also its artistic direction. Its focus shifted towards dramatics enabling a more or less realistic way of narration and at the same time providing space for an attractive approach on the part of the actors and director. The theatre, based in Prague Libeň, was formed by artists such as Jaroslav Dudek, Pavel Háša, Václav Lohniský, Otomar Krejča and Jan Grossman. The European premiere of Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf, attended by the author Edward Albee himself, took place here in 1963. From the beginning of the millennium, the theatre was tormented by devastating floods and for a certain time disappeared from the public life. Michal Lang became the new director and artistic head of the theatre in 2013, and with his new ensemble brought the theatre life back to the reconstructed former premises in September 2015. The ambitious repertoire is dominated by world classics, such as Blood Wedding (2013),A Midsummer's Night Dream (2016), Nora (2016) but also new plays which touch on burning themes of the present such as Celebrity (2014) and Collaborators(2015). The Palmoffka Studio opened in 2015, and is also represented by the author and actor Tomáš Dianiška (Talent of 2016), who creates the dramaturgical direction of the theatre focused primarily on young artists and current and provoking themes. The theatre has organized a festival of Central-European theatre PALM OFF FEST since 2016. This year the theatre celebrates its 70th season.