May 19th Sat, 9:30 PM | Konvikt – parkán


    Carlos Cipa & Occupanther

    An atemporal sound play combining electronic and acoustic moods in a truly captivating way. Sophisticated “balancing on the edge of genres” performed by top-class musicians from Munich.


    Carlos Cipa is a 27-year old pianist from Munich with outstanding talent. He studied piano from an early age, moved into percussion as a teenager and was a member of several jazz, punk as well as rock bands. Thanks to this experience with different music aesthetics, Carlos Cipa developed his classical music methods in a unique way and balances on the edge of various genres. He has performed solo or alongside such names as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Hauschka. He has recently joined forces with Martin Brugger aka Occupanther, a trained jazz musician whose work is rooted in sophisticated electronics. Together they create a specific form crossing the borders of the usual methods and combining electronics with the diction of acoustic instruments. They play with sounds and structure and create new, exciting and atemporal music combining electronic and acoustic moods in a truly captivating way.

    piano Carlos Cipa
    electronics, guitar Martin Brugger