Unveiling the first production of the 23rd Flora Theatre Festival!

The 23rd Flora Theatre Festival begins already on 15 May with a proper “theatre high”. The 9 TAGE WACH (9 Days Awake) production of the Dresden theatre vividly depicts an authentic experience with a self-destructive drug addiction.

Moritz Kienemann, Eva Hüster, Jannik Hinsch (photo: Sebastian Hoppe)

The highly acclaimed production directed by Sebastian Klink held the top position of the renowned charts for weeks. The only ensemble to receive two invitations to the prestigious Theatertreffen Berlin this year, will be presenting their work for the first time in Olomouc. A truly expressive opening of the 23rd Flora Theatre Festival!

The production in German with Czech surtitles will be followed by a discussion.

stage adaptation John von Düffel
based on a novel by Eric Stehfest and Michael J. Stephan

directed by Sebastian Klink
set design and costumes Gregor Sturm
set design and costumes – artistic cooperation Oliver Knick
music Kriton Klingler-Ioannides
lights Richard Messerschmidt
dramaturgy Svenja Käshammer

ERIC Moritz Kienemann
THE OTHER Jannik Hinsch
SHE Eva Hüster

live music Kriton Klingler-Ioannides 
camera Christian Rabending
sound and assistant to the camera Thomas Mende / Michel Magyar
premiere 10 November 2018

More info about the production on Staatsschauspiel Dresden website.

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